I have been buying those shirts from you for 20 years, I also have my assistant buy them for me and out our Company Logo on them. 

I have NOTHING TO SAY............................but...........................You are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the shirts I ordered.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Steve & Brett,
Just love your message and picture. Thanks for your service! I searched for banded bottom shirts and your site came up. My Dad (USMC vet) turns 90 tomorrow and mentioned he liked this style of shirt so we will let him know they are on the way!
Kurt, US Navy vet

We used to live in Ocala, FL and have purchased your shirts for 3-4 years or longer, I am not sure how long. My husband likes them and he probably has 10 or 11 of your shirts over that period of time. I have received your emails and received one yesterday and decided to make a purchase because of the sale. Since we now live in TN, we hope to continue to buy from your company when ever my husband needs shirts.
Sandra K.

I’ve been buying shirts from your company for many years and honestly I can’t remember how I found out about you. Prior to your company I was buying from Kohl’s department store for several years but they stopped selling Banded Bottom shirts many years ago.
Chuck S.

As a business owner of 45 years, I appreciate that you reached out to me to thank me for my order. I discovered you on the web as I was searching for big and tall banded bottom shirts. These sizes and styles are so hard to find. I will be a forever repeat customer if these shirts fit. Thanks

Thanks for your personalized service. I think I either saw your banded shirts on amazon or I just did a google search on banded polo shirts. My husband likes them but he wants a pocket. Hope these work out.

Good morning,
I found your company on the internet. I previously bought shirts from JC Penney, but I looked and they didn't have what I wanted. I bought some LD Sports banded bottom shirts at a clothing store in St. Paul, NE. St. Paul is over 100 miles from here so the next best thing is the internet. Thanks.
Ken M.

I found your site through a Google search. I like the fit of banded-bottomed shirts and can't find them in stores here. I used to get them at Macy's, Dillard's and Penneys, I believe, but that was some time ago and in a larger city. Thanks.
Larry G.

Our club has been discussing the “untucked” look. The bylaws says it has to be banded. I didn’t know what that meant so I googled it. You site popped up. Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you for your email and your phone call. I’ve certainly never dealt with a company that has this kind of customer commitment. My husband, Larry, has been wearing banded bottom shirts for at least 25 years that I know of. We used to be able to get them at Penney’s and then at Sears here in Tucson, AZ. Now even Sears seems to be fading them out. So I decided to search the internet for this type of shirt and we came upon your site. Although this type of shirt seems to have different labels such as David Taylor, the shirts seem to be the same. I do wish there was a great variety of colors and patterns. I hope Larry is happy with the shirts, as that will give us a new resource. Thank you for your interest in our story.
Carol N.

My father was looking for a shirt with a pocket on the front and he had one in his closet that he loved. I looked up the brand on line and your site came up. This was for a Christmas present present. Now he needed short sleeves with a pocket and I have been getting your email sale notices. You had some on sale for 19.99$ do I did some shopping and found some I liked. Otherwise my mother has been having a very hard time finding what he likes with a pocket in the front. Thanks.

Over the last few years, my husband has preferred your shirts, as he is 5'5" and polo shirts etc., are WAY too long for him. I hope we can obtain coupons/code reductions here and thee to be able to purchase more of you shirts. Looking forward to arrival of the new shirts. Regards.
Jan & Henry C

Hello Steve,
It's nice doing business with you, thank you. I usually bought my banded shirts from Sears and I believe we may have purchased some from Kohl's although they didn't have any on their web site. My wife found your site through a google search. She originally searched for 'David Taylor' shirts, which is the brand Sears sells, and google suggested your site as a possible source for similar shirts. We're glad they did. We look forward to being a repeat customer. Best regards.

I found you on line. And I bought previous shirts from the best sales going. That would be LL Bean, Belk, Kohls. etc. etc. I’m looking forward to trying your shirts.

Stephen - thanks for the message - I saw your product advertised on MSN - looking forward to receiving my order soon - looks like you have quality tees at a reasonable price - I will be checking out your web site again - thanks

Dear Mr. Stern,
We watched the Wells Fargo Bank video you sent about your company and truly enjoyed the video, which featured you and your son and the many wonderful designs of shirts you offer. I am the Religious Brother you spoke to a few minutes ago. Thank you for responding to our order and the error we made on one of the shirts. I am particularly impressed with your devotion to your family and to the product you provide. Asking God to Bless you, your family and your business, I remain very cordially yours,
Brother Francis, OSF

Good afternoon Steve, Wow! What terrific customer service on your part--I was delighted to receive your personal voicemail message! And of course, I'm very excited to receive my shirt! Thank you again for your peerless customer service. I have a feeling I'm going to be ordering more items from your company. Kind regards,

Found you on the internet. Used to buy shirts from Haband, but they have not had a very good selection lately. Excited to try our your shirts, and hopefully will buy more in the near future.

Hi Steve! Thanks for the note. As a 71 year old retiree I can honestly say that I’ve bought shirts everywhere. I like to where casual shirts, but the tucked in look tends to exaggerate any small belly you might have and the untucked look is too sloppy. I looked around for casual shirts that have elastic waistband and came across your company. I haven’t tried them yet as I only just ordered two to see if I like them. I’ll know more after they’re shipped, received, and tried out.

Stephen, today's new comfortable look? is to let your shirt hang out over your pants. It is comfortable, but not necessarily stylish. I thought about the banded bottom style and searched Amazon . . . of course. I found the shirts I liked and placed the order. You sent them to me along with a colorful pamphlet, so I ordered two more off your website. Very pleased with my first two along with all the compliments I receive. I'm a retired business owner, so most of my shirts were tailor made. Not anymore!

Good morning... My husband used the internet to search for banded bottom shirts. He went to your webpage and well - - 4 shirts later, you know THE REST OF THE STORY! 😉😁 Have a marvelous Monday,
C. Tausan

Stephen, I have worn Band Bottom Shirts for Years & Years, have not found where to buy them for the last several years. Discovered the Palmland Classics (Which I LOVE) on Amazon. Ordered 2 shirts, on order#22696 (114-664 1039-6142604) received them today, found your Packing Slip, and HERE I AM NOW.

I bought my first two banded shirts (sweaters?) at Nordstrom … probably a year or so ago. Most recently, I went online and googled your "LD Sport" label to find your website. I'm expecting to order a couple more shirts later this year. They're dressy enough, with a nice pair of slacks, for church, going out to dinner or going to the theatre, etc.; comfortable enough for any-time wear; and the price seems right.

Thank you Steve, Brett; I'm a sixty nine year old retired university professor. I've been a BB customer for years, enjoying your brands and service. I believe that my first purchase was probably in JC Penny, but it wasn't online, that I'm sure of. The thing is I really like comfortable clothing, and your brands are just the ticket. Thank you for writing, and congratulations for so many years of quality and consistency.

I came across your website when searching for banded bottom tops on the internet. I've always been a fan of not tucking in and am in need of some new tops for work. I previously purchased Arnold Palmer banded bottom tops from Sears, but they have closed all Sears locations in Canada. The Canadian division went bankrupt a while ago. Cheers.

Love the patriotic shirts having served in the Army for 38 years.
MG USA W. Johnson (Ret)

Over the yeas I have been buying them Jos Bank and XL Tall for Men usually I prefer the 1XL Tall but I do not see them on your site i'm trying the XL until the first machine wash thanks for reaching out.

Used to buy from local stores couldn't find them, so went on line to Habband but couldn't navigate site. Ended up looking up banded and found you.

Disabled war vet, bought at salvation army in Arizona before,now looked up banded on site

Never bought banded before  looked up banded on net  

Bought from Bealls in cape coral looked on Amazon will buy direct from you in future and check flag shirt

Found you on the internet.  Looking forward to receiving the product!  Will let you know what I think.

Actually, Mr. Stern, I’ve been buying from you for quite awhile, so I don’t remember how I found you.  What I do know is that my hubby loves your shirts, especially the French terry ones.  I think he has every color.  He’s warm blooded, so he prefers short sleeves and hates tucking his shirt in, so you have a forever customer.   I’ve recommended you to a friend, who also buys regularly.  Thank you for filling that niche for us.

I have been wearing your shirts for years but the store I purchased them from on Marco Island, FL closed and I have not been able to find another store on Marco or Naples Florida that sell them so I went on google and called up your company name to order them.

I searched online for banded shirts that was from a US company not through Amazon. My husband loves them.

I have purchased from you company off and on for the last 6-8 years. Your products are generally a good quality.

DXL or similar is where i usually purchase shirts. I actually googled long sleeve lightweight sweater with banded waist
and the photo of your sweater came up as an option. I've never heard of you before that. The shirt looked good in the
photo - the description sounds good. I look forward to receiving it and trying it on. If it fits and looks as good as it sounds,
you've got a new customer.

Thank you for your e-mail.  My husband prefers banded bottom shirts and finding them has been hard in our area.  We use to get them at Sears and the Sears store closed this year.  I looked on the internet for banded bottom shirts.  That was how we found your web site.  We are looking forward to the shirts arrival.  Thanks again

Thank you for your email!  How nice.  I buy the banded shirts for my dad.  He ONLY buys banded shirts, and has been wearing them for many years.  He's 80!  :)  We used to buy them from JC Penny's but they are hard to find.  There are some on Amazon as well.  Thank you for reaching out!

I found your company on the internet. I  was impressed with your shirts, so I bought one to try it was very nice so I decided to buy more.

I have been buying your Banded Bottom shirts for 19 years.
I never was one for tucking my shirt in . When I discovered your company
I thought , what a great idea . I wear only your brand and will continue .
I turn 70 this year so I will be buying your shirts for many more years .

Congratulations on your 65th year in business!! Not an easy achievement and I can only imagine the hard work and dedication involved. 
I've purchased the Palmland classics shirts from Bealls in Florida before. They didn't have any on their website so I googled the shirts and found your web site. I like the unbranded shirts with horizontal stripes. Glad you still had some for sale.  
Thank you and wishing you continued success in the future.

I found you by Googling "Banded Bottom Shirts".  I am very satisfied with your product and even after years of usage, they do not appear to have faded and the collars have maintained their shape.  I particularly like "Classics by Palmland".  I believe I own 10 of your shirts at the present tine.  They are lightweight and perfect for travel.  I only had two banded bottom shirts previously and I purchased them at Kohls many years ago.  They are heavier material and are not collared shirts.   I like doing business with you.

Enjoyed your call yesterday. I checked out web sites. Nice, will save info and good video.
I was raised in Vero Beach,FL...where the L.A. Dodgers had spring training, a stadium, and golf course.
All are still there except the Dodgers. My oldest brother and may family and friends there still.
We plan to visit them in Vero in June. Hope to take our youngest son done one day to scuba dive the keys.
Now live in the mountains of Franklin, NC for my 42 year! Love it here !
The banded bottom style shirts I have collected over the years are:
Classic (like just received yesterday)
L.D. Sport
Most of these I bought at Ropers Clothing in Helen, GA - Barbara Roper owns and runs the place.
Nice people, makes me a deal every time there. She wants to sell the business and retire.
Nice to meet your - over the phone !
Thank You !

Thank you for your call. I was surprised to hear from you.
I had been trying to find a shirt like the one I ordered for my husband and noticed somewhere that it was referred to as a banded bottom shirt. Then I googled "long-sleeved 2XL tall banded bottom shirt" and a shirt on your website came up. I hope my husband likes it as well as the one he has. The fabric seems to be like his shirt and he wears it all the time. I don't remember where I bought that one from but it wasn't online.
Thanks again for your call.
Best regards,

Thanks for your personal touch. I’ve never received a personal note from a business owner so I’ll reward you with my story. I hope you gain more sales.
I’m a big guy and need to update my wardrobe so I researched the internet and found several YouTube videos and articles that recommended several ways to look smaller. In addition to eating less food, a big man can give the illusion that he’s smaller by wearing dark colors, vertical stripes, non-pleated pants and shirts with 4 pockets. The banded shirt seems to solve 2 problems. 1st, the bottom of the shirt doesn’t need to be tucked. I don’t have to tell you how a tucked golf shirt looks on a big guy with a gut. Also , I’d like to experiment with tucking only the banded part of the shirt. Maybe if you tuck only the band, you disguise the gut. 2nd, the large pockets at the top draw the eyes up to balance the overall look.
I’ll let you know if it helps.