Enjoyed your call yesterday. I checked out web sites. Nice, will save info and good video.
I was raised in Vero Beach,FL...where the L.A. Dodgers had spring training, a stadium, and golf course.
All are still there except the Dodgers. My oldest brother and may family and friends there still.
We plan to visit them in Vero in June. Hope to take our youngest son done one day to scuba dive the keys.
Now live in the mountains of Franklin, NC for my 42 year! Love it here !
The banded bottom style shirts I have collected over the years are:
Classic (like just received yesterday)
L.D. Sport
Most of these I bought at Ropers Clothing in Helen, GA - Barbara Roper owns and runs the place.
Nice people, makes me a deal every time there. She wants to sell the business and retire.
Nice to meet your - over the phone !
Thank You !

Thank you for your call. I was surprised to hear from you.
I had been trying to find a shirt like the one I ordered for my husband and noticed somewhere that it was referred to as a banded bottom shirt. Then I googled "long-sleeved 2XL tall banded bottom shirt" and a shirt on your website came up. I hope my husband likes it as well as the one he has. The fabric seems to be like his shirt and he wears it all the time. I don't remember where I bought that one from but it wasn't online.
Thanks again for your call.
Best regards,
Hi Steve
Thanks for your personal touch. I’ve never received a personal note from a business owner so I’ll reward you with my story. I hope you gain more sales.
I’m a big guy and need to update my wardrobe so I researched the internet and found several YouTube videos and articles that recommended several ways to look smaller. In addition to eating less food, a big man can give the illusion that he’s smaller by wearing dark colors, vertical stripes, non-pleated pants and shirts with 4 pockets. The banded shirt seems to solve 2 problems. 1st, the bottom of the shirt doesn’t need to be tucked. I don’t have to tell you how a tucked golf shirt looks on a big guy with a gut. Also , I’d like to experiment with tucking only the banded part of the shirt. Maybe if you tuck only the band, you disguise the gut. 2nd, the large pockets at the top draw the eyes up to balance the overall look.
I’ll let you know if it helps.